The Power Of Creative Technical SEO In Dubai

The Power Of Creative Technical SEO In Dubai

Want to enjoy the technical SEO outcomes for your business websites in Dubai? If the reply is yes, keep reading this blog from Rise Up Digital, which explains the technical SEO strategy. Although marketers are curious to learn about technical SEO, you will find helpful SEO strategies for your website. Above all, if you are still looking to improve your technical SEO performances in Dubai city. So now, what do you still wait for?

Let us get into the action now!

Short Intro About Technical SEO

In Dubai and everywhere around the world, technical SEO is an effective method. Thus, technical SEO helps improve your website performance. However, sometimes, technical SEO looks like a confusing strategy for your business site. So, try working on your website with technical SEO approaches, where you don’t need to be tech-savvy. However, always remember the technical skills to improve your website performance for search engines.

Everything About Technical SEO

Technical SEO consists of powerful approaches to improve the website’s organic traffic. However, few SEO aspects are technical in feature from others where others may be uncertain on technical and content methods.

How Do Technical SEO Play A Significant Role?

Technical SEO plays a significant role as it works as the basis for improving your website performance. Also, technical SEO generates business traffic. In contrast, if you build a weak website for your business, then you can’t rank the site as it doesn’t offer the best results. So, to begin with, it is crucial to start with technical SEO before working with any other aspects of SEO. Next, begin to build premium-quality content backlinks for your website, making your site vital. Indeed, this backlink strategy will rank well in SERP results.

Significant Aspects Of Technical SEO To Follow In Dubai

Are you looking to improve your technical SEO for your website in Dubai? If so, then start following the below strategies to make your website more robust on technical aspects.

Website Speed

Now, start to track your web pages by checking the website speed. But, first, look at the following aspects:

    • How long will it take for the web page to load your visuals?
    • How to begin your page interaction.
    • What happens when the page moves after interacting with the page.

From these website speed criteria, try to work on the website speed to improve your technical SEO. The core web vitals focus on everything that works with the web site’s speed and usability.

Pro Tip: Google needs their users to have the best experience as it is simple to see why they have got a target on speed, security, and usability.

Mobile Usability

While working on the technical SEO factors, focus on mobile-first indexing approaches since mobile SEO is a required method that ensures your website performance for smartphone devices.

Security – HTTPs

Are you working on technical SEO for your business website? If so, have a secure website for your business by running on HTTPS, a genuine ranking factor that Google looks for for SEO. It also adds the sites that your business site links up. So, if you are working to associate your websites that are not secure, then the best suggestion is to update your external links with safe HTTPS links.

Duplicate Content

There are several duplicate content strategies while working on technical SEO approaches. The duplicate content, in general, occurs within your business website when you miss changing the title, meta description, and keywords on your webpage. Search engines networks will penalize you for this violation, mainly if the main body of the content on the page is not unique. The reason behind this is that when both the pages have duplicate content, Google will be working on which one to rank. It is a general technical SEO aspect with archived pages that has the same title and meta descriptions on every paginated page. The best method to overcome duplicate content is to use canonical tags.


Now, the next significant practical technical SEO feature is to use crawlability. It helps to ensure that Google and other search engines can crawl your website effectively. Based on how large and complex your website is, this will often involve editing your robots.txt file, a prominent XML, and HTML sitemap. Above all, the usage of no-index tags helps save your crawl budget.

Broken Pages & Links

Does your website have broken pages in broken internal and external links? If so, look at the best technical SEO aspects of broken pages and links that will hurt your organic traffic and your user experience. Right now, search engines crawl every link on your website. Now, check among other websites when your website has a broken page or not. If you have several broken links or broken pages on your website, your website seems to have a poor user experience where the search engine penalizes you.

Pro Tip: Do you want to get outstanding SEO results for your website? Try using Rise Up Digital to boost your website’s visibility, brand awareness, and conversion rates. Meantime, these services help enhance your website performance to a better level.

301 Redirect Chains

301 redirect chains can make your web page lose the rankings as Google recommends not following these chains with multiple processes. However, for technical SEO, redirects serve as an ideal method to rule out duplicate content issues and reduce old content indexed with the new ones. In this way, redirect works among the technical SEO. Yet as per the Google direction, less use of this is preferable.

Also, there is software and tools present for this aspect to find redirect chains and resolve them directly quickly.

SEO Track & Report

For technical SEO, the significant factor that needs to try to practice is measuring the technical SEO. For instance, assume you have got the Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up; the first step is to connect with two. In this way, you can view your organic search engine traffic in Google Analytics. In addition, it offers you the potential to run reports and compare organic results to other channels and another helpful potential.

The next big thing is to make your keyword tracking tool such as ahrefs so that you can check your organic results month after month.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the comprehensive blog explains in-depth ideas about the technical SEO aspects to optimize your website in Dubai. Of course, try to implement all these technical SEO factors for your website to rank better on search engines. However, technical SEO serves as the primary aspect of SEO that you should always target for your performances. Thanks for reading our blog!


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